1. This site is directed to games and betting, using technology resources information, therefore, they are prohibited from access to children under eighteen years of age. When accessing the website and participate in the Games, the USER affirms and guarantees to MonteSerra that his age is above the legal age of majority. All transactions made by minors are considered null and void, and no premium, if any, will be paid, nor due.

2. When participating in games, with bets, on the website MonteSerra (www.MonteSerra.com), the USER affirms and guarantees to MonteSerra that there are no any legal restrictions or prohibitions on your participation on the website (www.MonteSerra.com) within its jurisdiction and, if any, the USER assumes the resulting risks.

3. The bet on the website (www.MonteSerra.com) is an option, criterion and risk exclusive to the USER. There is no return of the amounts wagered, nor proof of the bets made by the MonteSerra. Proof of bets is recorded in the USER's account with the site.

4. The USER is solely responsible for keeping his login and password secure and secret. The USER is responsible for any purchases and / or losses that may be posted to your account.

5. MonteSerra shall not be obliged to maintain names of USERS 'users or passwords.

6. MonteSerra reserves the right to deny access to the MonteSerra website (www.MonteSerra.com) to certain people.

7. O MonteSerra reserves the right to cancel the USER's account, without specific reason, posting a possible credit balance to the account at the time of such cancellation. O MonteSerra also reserves the right, at its unrestricted discretion, to void any prizes and confiscate any balances in your account on the MonteSerra website (www.MonteSerra.com) in any of the following circumstances:

I. If the USER is trying to circumvent or change the security systems of the MonteSerra website (www.MonteSerra.com) such as: breach of user access passwords, credit insertion code or receipt code award.

II. If the USER participates in a website promotion MonteSerra (www.MonteSerra.com) and withdraw before fulfilling the requirements of that promotion specific.

III. If the USER provides incorrect registration information or misleading.

IV. If MonteSerra believes, in its sole discretion, that the USER has no the minimum legal age or even if it does not meet the criteria for participation established in these Contractual Conditions.

V. If the USER is discovered using of artifice artifice or if MonteSerra concludes that it employed or made use of a system (including machines, computers, software or other automated systems) specially designed to defeat, alter, manipulate or impair the functioning from the MonteSerra website (www.MonteSerra.com).

VI. If the USER took advantage of any loophole security, bug or failure to take advantage of to defeat, alter, manipulate or impair the functioning of the MonteSerra website (www.MonteSerra.com).

VII.If the USER violate any of the representations and warranties contained in these Conditions contractual terms.

8. The USER already authorizes MonteSerra to verify the capacity credit, confirming the existence or not of credits.

9. By accepting MonteSerra prize and / or earnings, the USER acknowledges the agreement with these Contractual conditions and consent, or not, to the use of your name for promotional purposes and advertising. All taxes, provided for by law, if levied on the premium, will be Gambler's sole responsibility.

10. In case of a prize, the prize amount will be available for conversion into credits, on the prizes menu. If you prefer, the USER can request to withdraw their prizes, to do so:

I – Payments are automatic and will only be paid to the registration holder.

II – The PIX informed must be from the registration holder.

III – Prize withdrawals will only be permitted within the validity of the ticket (7 days).

IV – Withdrawals of credit or bonus balances will not be permitted.

V – After the winning ticket expires, without being requested to convert the prize or withdraw, the ticket will expire.

11. The amount referring to the award, may be credited to the USER's account within 48 hours from the date of request, being It is your responsibility to indicate a bank account for payment.

12. Regarding the suspension period for inactivity of the USER's account at MonteSerra, the deadline for its (user account) inactivation will be 365 days, counted from the last login performed by the USER on the site. After that period, all balances will be cleared and the account suspended.

13. MonteSerra establishes that, acquired credits/bonus cannot be redeemed, their use will only be for the purpose of the placing of bets by the USER. Only prizes can be awarded rescued.

14. The USER understands that any and all material sent to Award claims become the property of MonteSerra and will not be refunded. THE MonteSerra is not responsible for requests, claims for prizes or launches lost, out of time, illegible, incomplete, damaged, mutilated or badly targeted. Liability for Games materials that contain errors is limited to replacement.

15. The Game Materials (whether obtained electronically or by other means) will be automatically invalidated if falsified or altered its contents, if illegible, reproduced mechanically or electronically, if obtained outside the legitimate authorized channels or if they contain errors in printing, production, typographical, mechanical, electronic or any other type.

16.The MonteSerra will not be responsible for technical problems that hinder or prevent access to the site MonteSerra (www.MonteSerra.com), as well as errors on the part of third parties, such as incorrect results or those not disclosed by the lottery manager.

17. They are not allowed to participate in betting, MonteSerra employees, licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising agencies, promotion or other media partners, retailers and their family members up to the third grade.

18. THE USER agrees to hold MonteSerra, its employees, administrators, directors, licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, agencies advertising, promotion or other, media partners, agents and retailers, as well as in indemnify them in full for any and all costs, expenses, obligations and damages that may arise from the following acts of the Bettor: (i) access, use or reuse from the MonteSerra website (www.MonteSerra.com). (ii) use of any materials or obtained from site. (iii) access, use or reuse of the Site Server MonteSerra (www.MonteSerra.com).

19. The USER confirms that: (i) the conditions contractual terms applicable to the USER's participation in gaming activities will be accepted in its entirety due to the Bettor visiting or registering on the website MonteSerra (www.MonteSerra.com). and (ii) any bet placed by the USER will be accepted by the MonteSerra website (www.MonteSerra.com) in accordance with the communication from the placed on the MonteSerra website (www.MonteSerra.com) by the USER, without any other act or formality.

20 These Contractual Conditions represent the complete contract, final and unique between the USER and MonteSerra, and replaces and consolidates all contracts, previous representations and understandings between the Bettor and the Company.

21. At contractual conditions contained herein may be modified and / or amended only by publication of such modifications and / or amendments by the Company in the section "Conditions contractual terms ", assuming the knowledge of all USERS.